Friday, August 29, 2008

Master Yamm in Thai Sports Street Magazine


Just to update that our Master Yamm appeared in the Thai cycling magazine (Sports Street).
The article was published by Mr. C, our good ROAM friend from the north.


Yamm with his Black Stallion

The specs:

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Whistler - the Update

Hey bros,

still, I am in Whistler and I enjoy the riding to the fullest, despite the cold weather. Lately we have a lot of rain, and the trails are quite sketchy to ride - but that's okay.
So far, all four of us are still fine, but not our bikes. My Marzocchi 66 got a new ATA travel adjustment cap during Crankworx, cuz the fork downtraveled itself all the time. Later, the Thru-Axle came out and so I got a new one - again from Marzocchi Canada.

Yesterday, when I made a non-stop ride from the top of the Mountain, called Garbanzo, the fork compressed and remained at 10cm travel...too bad.
The whole downhill took me 32min - non stop - hiting famous trails like Freight Train, In Deep, Dirt Merchant and so on...the level of riders here is just so insane - and no wonder. The riding in the Garbanzo Area is what I truly call "Big Mountain" freeride and reminds me of skiing in the winter - open spaces, great view over the mountains and lakes - big hits, and rocky , loose terrain - the open spaces give u really a feeling of freedom, while the lower part of the park is more congested, and trails are closer to each other.
Luckily one mechanic here (the only one in whole Whistler) was able to fix today I will kill it again. The shops here are incredible - whatever you ask for they have it.

The skills really improved, and the riding here is very different from Europe and Asia of course.
It is not so much about gaps and drops, but rather technical, very steep trails with blank rock faces and roots - the way I love it.

I really fear that I will not like riding anymore once I hit our boring home trails again :) This is too great, and I will miss it so much!

I am here until the 5th september, then I will head for Seattle to see my friend at CORSAIR Bikes and also the guy that makes the OBTAINIUM Ti-Springs.
A few days later I will hit Vancouver's Northshore along with Wade Simmons if I am lucky enough, and then I will fly back to Munich on 9/11 :)

So far guys...if you really wanna know what freeride is all about - come to Whistler - it will open your eyes - it's the holy ground for a reason!

Gone riding, Felix

P.S. Concerning requests to help on selling bikes - please come back on me around 15th. - I will move during that time, so I will be busy, but I am willing to help for sure! :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Aaron Chan signs with Unsprung

Hi All,

ROAM would like to congratulate AC for signing with Team Unsprung last sunday.

AC will be riding the Transition Blindside and Deity components for the remainder of the 2008 season and for the 2009 campaign. In 2009 AC will remain in Juniors and will be Unsprung's weapon in the junior category.

Check out this space for more pictures and news about this new young ROAM talent. ROAM would like to thank Ian Krempl, Ben Viermann and of course R.Chan for giving the opportunity to AC to race.

FYI. Unsprung distributes Transition bikes, BLKMKT bikes and accessories and DEITY components.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Kudus, Merdeka Downhill Championship 16-17 August 2008

Updates from Kudus, Central Java!!!!!!!!!!

Senior ROAMer Master Yamm sealed championship for Master B category. Yamm said the track is nice but there's a pedaling section......

We are very sure he had a wild roaming time there hehehehehehe.....
We are still waiting for A-Mud and Adam's results...

The results for Master B:
Champ - Master Yamm (KSH Cycles - Oakley Malaysia)
2nd - Yadi (MTB FreeRide Indonesia)
3rd - Takin (022 Bandung)
4th - Andre (FreeRide Junkie)
5th - Ardi (Oakley)

We are happy for you yamm...

Yamm would like to thank his sponsors:
KSH Cycles, Malaysia
Yeti Cycles
Oakley Malaysia

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

ROAM Welcomes Aaron Chan into the family!

ROAM's new member is 17 year old Aaron Chan or Chan! He's been riding street for ages and recently have started to enjoy racing DH. ROAM and others (yea, all u Elemental fellas) spotted his potential and we decided to give him a ride to see if he is interested in racing. He's been on my SX Trail since a week after race 3 and will be racing it till we can sort him out with something he can call his own! Welcome Aaron and hopefully there will be some good news with good results. I think he is hooked. Stay tuned for more news from this young talent.

Lots of potential. Fast. and very comfortable on the bike. We hope Aaron will continue to progress in his racing and ROAM will be there to support you.

Bio Data:

Name: Aaron Chan Chow Hee
Nickname: Chan!
Team: -
Sponsors: -
Bikes: Specialized SX Trail II & Norco Wolverine
Riding Orientation: Freeride/Downhill & Street
D.O.B: 18/06/91
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Marital Status: Single
Race: Portuguese
Religion: Catholic
Resides: Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, M'sia
Racing Category: DH Mens Junior & Open
Racing Level: -



29th June
Freeride Malaysia Kiara Downhill Domination #3
Finished 3rd in Hardtail Category

More pics!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Germany's Felix in Whistler

Hey Bros,

since I left Malaysia two weeks ago a lot of things happend...some bad things, but mostly good ones.
One of those good things is definetly my trip to the holy ground of freeride mountainbiking - You guys know what I am talking about: WHISTLER, B.C., Canada.
But one thing after another...
After having had a long flight from MY to Germany, I couldn't wait to enter the dry-aired cabin of a plane again...but this time travelling westwards.
After 22 tiring hours we finally arrived and Whistler gave us a "warm welcome" the next day with pouring rain - awesome. But since we were quite burnt out, it was okay. We checked the numberous bikestores and one of my buddies spent 3500RM for Sombrio clothing...
We called it a day, and once we hit the trails the next day, which was first A-LINE of course, we found out that the trails profited from the rain - loam to the finest. The locas told us that the trailconditions were quite bad lately due to missing rain, so the rain came in just handy.
Having Crankworx going on right now, the who is who of he riders is around - yesterday Rachel and Gee Atherton passed me by on Dirt Merchant, while Kirt Voreis and Chris Kovarik (who cleans his bike himself!) flew by later this day.
Cool thing: Nobody makes a fuss about the pros here - they're just riders, and in general people are quite relaxed on and off the trails. No superstars at all. BTW: CG was around as well...if I have the chance I will talk to him soon about K.L. - I haven't forgotten about you guys :)
Today, I checked Crank it up, which is my new favorite trail - BIG tables to collect airmiles :) You can't sweep the smile outta ya face once you hit it there. Around 7pm, in the so called, extended play, I rode Schleyer, which is quite tricky and dusty...
Anyway...a picture saves a thousand I'd recommend to check our (German) blog (Viel Spass, Ben!) - it is updated every day by my friend and Rocky Pro Mario.
Nice pics included :) Not so much riding yet (Hell yeah, we really ride to the fullest, and don't shoot too much :))
My arms are painful, my head dizzy, due to perfect sunshine since today...and I am out for today :)
Have a good time bros!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My New Scythe

basically many have known that i just change into a new White Banshee Scythe..
so its the time to post up something..well, just some review on it...
i had the first ride last sunday at kiara n my bike is not fully set up, i mean stuff like sagging n etc...
everything seems to be wrong for me..bad cornering, not stable, n few other things..
i was wondering is the bike or me? then i thought the bike is much better than myself perhaps..
coz riding a haro is totally different from this...
during that time, i was running 250X2.8 spring..its very soft n 09 DHX5.0 eats everything like nothing...from berms to jumps...but hell, i wasn't on the right sagging..not sure whats the percentage that time..n the stupid thing is i kept asking rizal n zure whether its reliable on me or not coz it seems too soft...n yeah i was scolded by rizal for just making assumptions without calculating the bad..hahaha
n still remember the incident after the angel switchback..i asked rizal again..n i even compared it to my haro..still remember rizal's word which directly go deep into the heart.."if u want to compare it to your haro, then don't change your bike la...use the haro" quotation from a wise made me think...can't argue anything..he's just totally right..
during the final run, Master Yamm was just right behind eye on my riding..
it seems that i can't cope with the bike..n simply said "kenal bike dulu" from master yamm..
damn i dunno what to blame now even though it's no good to blame on others..haha
that ride ends n we go to nearby restaurant...thanx to rizal n zure for setting up my sagging..then i now it was just 20%...crazy..after some preload adjustment, i got the 33% sagging and it fells much nicer...yamm tested my bike, n he feels my fork is no good as it can't cooperate with the rear shock....well at first i was doing an experiment..just swap my white spring with a yellow spring...yamm told me to put back the white spring n put on some spacers..
yeah forgot to mention, zure and mie peaty helped me to lower down the some cool extra service..n again it helps me a lot...
during the time, i got bunch of wise advices from the seniors..appreciate them all....
one sunday ends....n this is the first look of my bike..
look at the cockpit, so good for cornering...

Sunday, 10th August 2008

Venue:BUkit Cermin trail
time 9.00-12.30

change made: 1)lower down the upper crown thus the stem
2)change from a high rise monkeylite easton to syncross bulk low rise
3)cut a pair of chain
4) put a 20cent coin as a spacer for the front fork
5) new spring of 300X3.24
6)a new folker lock-on grip

not much upgrading but the impact is biggggggggg....
i got the 30% sagging thus fasten the rebound..
my rides starts...pushing up the bukit cermin hill n it was steep..just that the distance not as far as kiara's...
get my gear ready n prepare to go down...i was nervous at the first time coz i hope its not the same as the week before...
the first run wasn't that fast, enough speed to know the trail....
n i was bike did a great job n i was smilling when i finished the run..
spoken to rizal... "now i noe what's a DH bike"..hehe
what can i say, the cornering is superb...super stable n i felt like nothing,
the scythe geometry is just sweet and easily to handle..
the biggest thing that impressed me was the pedalling efficiency..
maybe its the propedal but stil, i believe that the geometry has something to do with it..damn..
if anyone can take my picture inside the helmet, people can see me smilling..n think im crazy...hahahahha.. i enjoyed my pedalling n it motivates me to paddle more..
next part is the loose rocks..Aaron crashed that part..
well, my rear tyre was floating as to corner with a high speed on a loosy small rocks...
i drifted but yeah at first i was so afraid but then, that bike tells me "hey, i can do this job..don't worry bout it.." i place back my left foot on the pedal n yeah its proven..again it corners very well even on a lossy gravel...
then it comes to tight section which requires more technical..
suprisingly, it was just so 'kacang'..still remember during my haro time..i was like on osim ass shaker.hahahahah...n even wash out easily..
now with longer chainstay, n nicer cockpit, i can handle my bike easily..
i almost crash and hit a try, but easily i recover n put myself back on the trail
nothing to worry on..just put any obstacle n i would definitely go for it..
i am so confident with the bike now...
it provides me everything i want on a DH bike..
well, what can i say i have no regret on getting this frame..
for just rm5.1k u get a good bike that can handles anything without worrying..
no doubt this bloody banshee scythe is a good bike...
im in deep love with the bike now....
just that i need to improve on my riding style..then my bike would love me back..more then i love her..haha

later i should post on some picture of my posture on both bikes..its totally different..n now i laugh when i see my pictures of KDD race...hahahahaha..

just my 20cents(that 20cent is inside the fork..hehe)
peace, Ameer

Monday, August 4, 2008

1st Negros International Mountain Bike Championship


Update from our friends from Philippines:

August 1, 2008

The Negros Occidental Cycling Federation (NOCFED), Inc. would like to invite your team/riders to the 1st Negros International Mountain Bike Championship on November 14-16, 2008 in Bacolod City, Philippines.

More than 800 riders are expected to join in this very exciting cycling event including the different national teams from Asian countries.

Race events include CROSS-COUNTRY, DOWNHILL and MOUNTAIN BIKE CRITERIUM. Over half a million worth of cash and bike accessories will be given away to individual race winners.

Race registration is P500 and will entitle each participant with a FREE souvenir race shirt, 2 meals and a Certificate of Participation.

For your accommodation, I have enclosed list of hotels and corresponding room rates for your reference. Kindly email me if you need prior reservations.

Please see attachments for some race details. For more information, kindly contact the following:

Dan S. Ramirez Mike Ermac

Over-all Race Committee Chairman Race Director

Mobile: 09189332650 Mobile: 0928-5584823

Email: Email:

We are looking forward to having your participation. Thank you.

Very truly yours,

Mike Ermac

Race Director

So dont miss out the chance to compete in the Philippines hahahahaha