Friday, July 30, 2010

Urban DH & MTB King of Fraser's Hill 2010

Fresh from Banshee Kiara Rage battle in July 25, 2010. The ROAMers are at it again doing what they do best - competing and having fun. Representing ROAM:
  1. Master Yamm
  2. Pok Aing
  3. FA
  4. Elde
  5. A-Mud (RRD Bossman)
  6. AC
Yamm & Pok Aing are leaving today meanwhile the rest will be tomorrow (31 July) morning. Good luck to racing ROAMers and do us proud. Looking forward for updates from them. This is the first urban DH being held at a considerably high altitude location with cold weather and awesome environment. For entertainment, hmmm? not sure what fraser hill can offer....come back and tell us yeah!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Aim is the King of Banshee Kiara DH Rage (25 July 2010)

Congratulations to Pok Aing for dominating and showing others how to ride in a really wet conditions. He is the champion of Men Elite category in a very stiff and steep competition with Malaysian, Indonesian, Singaporean, Thailand and Australian aces. He won a handful of prizes and cash plus a cold hard cash of RM1000 due to 1st place and RM1000 extra courtesy of Team Element JHB. Congrats to Adam (Fakawi|Banshee) and Ian Krempl (Unsprung|Rollick) for finishing 2nd & 3rd.
Master Yamm of KSH Cycles | Oakley finish 2nd in Men Master.
Other ROAMers:
Men Elite : Jr. Stanley - 4th, FA -7th
Men Expert: RedRide 6th, AC - 7th & Ameer - 10th
Thanx to all our sponsors and marketing partner
Banshee Bikes | Team Element JHB | Dirtworks Hardwear | Trailrider Mad (Folker) | cycleACTIVE (SSR) | Sticker Station | - Deity Components | Funsportz (GoPro) | EFX Performance | KSH Cycles | Yeti Cycles | Oakley | Commencal Bikes | Bike Labz -XFusion | Adidas-Cycling UK | | Formula Brakes | Kali Protectives

We will see you all in Penang - 26 September 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010

ROAM Fathers - Bali ROAMing

the Four Fathers of ROAM - UB, Red, Yamm and Amad will roam Bali from 14-19 July for 4th installment of UKDI (Indonesian DH Series). ROAM guest are Roslee 951 and Pak Dong...

ROAM counterpart Mr. Eric Sanjaya will be the host for the Fathers trip. Too bad Swolf and Funn-Day cant join us. But we will tag u in FB.. Follow us on ROAM twitter.