Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Teluk Batik 4th MTB Carnival 2008, 24-25 May

Updates: 27 May 2008

Hola everyone, all ROAMers are down with injury except Red.....

UB crashed during seeding, yamm crashed during practice.. both of them could not start the final....Fadzlee got second even with 8 stiches to his left forearm.... UB did not start as pain in right thigh, pain in old broken arm.... yamm could not lift his right arm.....but recovering..

lucky for Red, he superman in his crash behind mann....escaped with no injury...

it is high speed track with roots, rocks, ruts plus the a good pedalling section hahahahaha...

Red nearly got beaten by Risa hahahahahaha..... well Ameer got beaten by Risa...Red suggested that he must wear a super micro pink color mini skirt for Kiara DH Dom 3.....

ameer u gotta wear it Risa is in open category hahahahahaa
but all ROAMers enjoyed the trip, a good weekend UB did not work hehehehe so lazy....

so ROAMers result:
Fadzlee 2nd
Red 10th
Ameera 12th

Hong Chun walk away with 1st, Aim 3rd, Hairi 4th, Zure 5th....

Pics will be uploaded later... Master Yamm need ur help to upload the pics yah!!!!!!

its time to rest, and this week we will back for more training......

All seniors and junior are going for the event.

Its a battle with all age category for DH. Like the one in Botanical City, Balik Pulau.
The masters are going to compete with Elite, Open and Junior category.

Delmatic Hermann & Erol are also going. Good to see every month got DH event.

we are R.O.A.Ming again......... PowerStik also gonna ROAM with us....

Monday, May 19, 2008

R.O.A.M Indonesia & Germany


Well a good news to share, we are chaptering out to the world.....R.O.A.M NATION is coming

Soon, R.O.A.M Germany & R.O.A.M Indonesia will be launched.......much thanx to all our Seniors, Ghost R.O.A.Mers, all our friends....

let me introduce to you the Head Honchos for ROAM nations above:

A-Mud - Head Honcho (Bapak Kepala) R.O.A.M Indonesia
Felix Insane - Head Honcho R.O.A.M Germany

soon, we gonna have R.O.A.M Thailand, Philippine, Singapore.... as Red said "Once in ROAM, do as the ROAMers do"

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

ROAM friends from the north

Been in BKK a lot lately. and going forward will be here 1 week a month. Planning to ride a lot more of the tracks here. Went to MaxRider new shop in BKK... enjoy the pics. I sure did enjoy the food. hehehe

New Maxrider Shop

Nader with his new rig. sweet.

The Champ. Kid with a new toy.

Dinner is served!