Friday, January 23, 2009

Refreshing images

Hey bros,

if you wanna know how it looks like in the woods right now...take a glance. It might help you to chill in hot hot Malaysia. So whenever you swear and sweat pushing up Kiara...keep this in mind!

a picture saves a thousand words...courtesy of but believe me...looks the same right now here in my woods :)
I just didn't wanna take pix myself, since those ones represent so perfectly well.

Now I wanna see the pics of the new park in Putrajaya, okay? Thanks!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another ROAMer down.......

It is with deep regrets to inform that one our ROAMer, Elde Animal is down with hairline fractured ribs. He crashed during his ride at PCP last saturday 17 Jan 2009. He landed hard on his chest.

It seems it has became a tradition for us ROAMers. Hopefully, pray to God there wont be another fallen ROAMer for 2009.
Elde, rest well and Godspeed on your path to recovery. Drink more milk or take calcium tablet. My surgeon warns me not to take calcium tablets.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ROAM would like to congratulate Gig on her new gig!

R.O.A.M would like to congratulate Thaksapron Khaowsuwan aka Gig aka prettyboy aka kid for signing new contract with SE Bikes for the new season!

Gig with her sponsor
SE Bikes is basically a BMX manufacturer.

->Gig with her new Rig<-
Gig will now focus on BMX. She has been chosen by the UCI to attend a 7 month BMX racing course in Switzerland, the only asian in the group. All the best to Gig and good luck!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

New ROAMers for 2009


We are glad to inform our newest ROAMers for 2009.
Please welcome:


Currently down with broken collarbone

We have grown bigger and bigger each year.
We will roam, will ride, will train, will race and will party till morning in 2009.

Our training regime schedule:
Every Friday at 8pm - Shah Alam Extreme Park
All welcome to join.

Saturday & Sunday morning - Kiara, Putrajaya or anywhere.
All welcome to join.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hello 2009

2008 passed thru in a jiffy... lots of things happened and we love it so much.
as we look back our achievement in 2008, really is a sweet memory. And not forgetting all our injuries we sustained hahahahaha....
The most exciting event for 2008, KLD 2008 (Kuala Lumpur Downtown). ROAM managed to be up-close and personal with Peaty and CG. Rare opportunity and experience to be able to hang out and chill with them.

Only managed to race locally due to work constraint. Didn't race in Lumut due to severe crash. Didn't race in KLD 08 due to fractured left ribs. Well my story is almost the same with Red.


Busted his wrist right before Bandung Oakley in March. Raced in Kao Lahn, Pattaya. Broke and fractured his right ribs before KLD '08. Have to sit out 3 races after KLD. But Champ the Master Category for the final installment of KKD #5

Master Yamm,

He got tremendous results for 2008. Always racing abroad, brought back trophies, medal and of course and a podium purse.


Posted in Jakarta. Became ROAM ambassador there. Riding and racing ROAM colors in Indonesia.


Super fast guy did well in earlier KDD. 5th in KLD. But injured himself in Ciwalk Urban DH and sit out KDD #5. Stuntmant for a drink advertisement, again injured himself in the process.


Our Junior ROAMer has its up and down for 2008. Need to train more Mr. For-T-Uno hahahahaha

Felix a.k.a Insane, our German ROAMer came to Malaysia for a short stint.


Our very own ROAMeo. Recruited by Red in 2008, this pretty boy really knows how to throw down few tricks. Finished 2nd in Bukit Cermin DH Challenge only after few months in DH.
Dislocated his elbows while skateboarding in Shah Alam right after KLD 08.

Then again, we would like to thank all our sponsors and marketing partners:

UB - KSH Cycles, Yeti Cycles, Dirtworks (Kiki), Oakley Malaysia, Sticker Station, Eiger Malaysia
Red - Fakawi, Banshee, Dirtworks (Kiki)
Yamm - KSH Cycles, Yeti Cycles, Oakley Malaysia
A-Mud - KSH Cycles, Intense Cycles, Oakley Malaysia, Eiger Malaysia
FA - KSH Cycles, Commencal, Oakley Malaysia
Ameer - Folker
AC - Unsprung, Deity, Dirtworks (Kiki)

Without them, we wont be here right now. We are preparing for 2009 race calendar.

UB signing out
UB, Red, Yamm and FA pics courtesy of Mr. se2nd
AC pic - Mr. Darren