Friday, February 27, 2009

Jay and the Chief!

Jay McNeil of banshee bikes is down from Vancouver, BC for a visit and a riding session with the fakawibanshee team.

here's his take on malaysia and MtB here:

Thanks for the kind words Jay. We enjoyed your company too.

2009 R.O.A.M Wallpaper


Here are some of wallpaper that maybe some of you might wanna use..

Thursday, February 19, 2009

ROAM 4X Jam & BBQ Blast 28 Feb 2009

attention to all ROAMers, to commemorate our new ROAMers... we cordially invite you to our event as follows: (pls click on image for larger view)

For more info, please contact your behated Head Honcho

C ya there

Monday, February 16, 2009

DH'er on XC time trial.... (2 F' n K #2)..15 Feb 2009


What do you get when DH'er doing XC time trial..???? got lost in descending....
UB & Red representing ROAM in annual Fakawi Tribe 2 F' n K 1 loop time trial..
we got lost on the track due to beautiful descent and missed the junction..hahahahaha
all pics courtesy of Fakawi Tribe:

UB with his all type of riding weapon

Jun's run, after everyone finished

Here is the results: (click d pic for larger view)

red got 22nd position, me the last hahahahaha
it was fun and definitely the track gonna be our training ground...yeah Red..

Thanx to Fakawi and other contributing parties....


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

ROAM would like to congratulate UNCLE BULLY on WIN

Well... Big shout out to Nan aka Uncle Bully aka the HH for chalking his 1st win. Congrats buddy hope many2 more (not too many ya!) hahaha...
Winners for Masters L-R: Lano, Myself, UB, Fin & Yazid

UB Flying high

Red smooth landing

Red berming it...

AC stylin it

Oh yeah, we would like to welcome our latest addition to R.O.A.M

Mr. Ramesh a.k.a Swolf

Haris a.k.a Mr. Sloan

Please welcome them to our big family hahahahahaha.........

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

10 Buck Race - Mt. Austin Johore Bharu, Malaysia 8 Feb 2009


Looks like we are ROAMing again in JHB this time. It will be the first race and ROAM trip for ROAMers in 2009 calendar.

UB, Red, AC & Ameer will roam there this weekend. We would like to say thank you to Eiger Malaysia for their support on providing transportation for ROAMers to go to JHB.

Track Map:

UB, Red & AC will depart to JHB on Friday afternoon and will be join in JHB by Ameer & Hariz.
So wish us luck for the race. 1st time racing in JHB.

C ya