Monday, January 25, 2010

Final part - 2010 opening ride, cikole & sebex

23rd Jan 2010 - Cikole DH trip
Pushed off from home at 5am, arrived Dago, Bandung at 8 something.. Waited to be fetched by EWA of Aldomaru in his Ranger pickup. On the Way up to Lembang we had to 'rescue' a broken down pickup driven by another rider.

- it happened to be just some loose cable =P then we had a go again soon after-
Arrived quite late at 1030am, 2 pickups waited with one already shuttled a few times, weather was perfect, gripped soil without mud / dust. READ MORE

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ROAM ForeFathers (R-FF) - Project Bike

RFF- 1
Frame 2008 Specialized SX-Trail M size (Right pic is what the bike will look like when complete)
ROAM ForeFathers (RFF) new project bike and its called RFF-1. Most of the parts are generated from RFF spare parts collection. FF involved - UB, RedRide, FunDay & Swolf. The bike will be assembled at Element Cycle, JHB and will compete in Mt. Austin DH Challenge. UB will race RFF-1 in Men Expert category. Another great venture by the FF. So, 10 more days to JB.... ROAMTrain is coming

Friday, January 15, 2010


Another good news to share, EFX Performance Technology has agreed to support R.O.A.M with their performance product. R.O.A.M athletes will be wearing and promoting EFX products throughout 2010 season. A big thank you to EFX and the latest news is their products will be made available soon to Malaysian market, so stay tuned for more updates from them. Please click here to know more about EFX Performance Technology products.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Go Pro & ROAM

Click on the pic above to visit Funsportz website

We would like to announce that Go Pro (through Funsportz - Malaysian Distributor) has agreed to sponsor R.O.A.M with their products. ROAM will be using Go Pro HD Helmet Hero camera to record and showcase all our racing, riding and training session. It is indeed another great platform to promote the sports to the public as it will be made available for them to view. Having a video too will help us to improve on our riding techniques and elevate our skills.

All the videos recorded using Go Pro camera will be made available to all by visiting ROAMtv web which will be active after the World Premiere at Mt. Austin DH Challenge BBQ nite on 30 Jan 2010. We will have test session on the camera this Sunday (17 Jan 2010) with Funsportz during our XC rides at Kiara. Come and join us at 0830hrs. We meet up at lake carpark. After the session, i'll upload the vids to showcase it.

We would like to say thank you Go Pro and Funsportz for supporting our MTB scene and ROAM.

To know more about GoPro camera, please click here at Funsportz
Now its the time, for you guys to Go Pro too.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Pak Aim inked with Cycle ACTIVE (SSR Clothing)

Congratulations to our very own Pak Aim for locking the deal with cycleACTIVE (SSR). CycleACTIVE is a local clothing brand and carrying SSR (Indonesia) clothing for Malaysia.
Pak Aim and Sloan will represent ROAM Racing Division - Cycle Active (SSR) for 2010 season. A big thanks to Yazid & Man for cycleACTIVE in making this a dream come true for Pak Aim. You may visit cycleACTIVE blog here.

Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 opening ride - CILEGON

the only pic i have =P
My 2010 first ride took place at the legendary-much loved Cilegon track. After 4 times riding SEBEX back to back, it felt nice to hit cilegon dirt again. I was prepared for a muddy ride and brought a pair of mud tires - but it happened to be perfectly dry and grippy. A bit sad to see the step-up planks, bridge-crossing the drain were stolen... Read More