Saturday, October 25, 2008

Jakarta Oakley Sebex 25-26 October 2008


KLD '08 was a blast, thx to every ROAMers participation...

Now, the battle for Sebex has just begun today. Our ROAMers - Master Yamm, A-Mud and Fadzlee are now in foreign ground as they compete with Indonesia's finest.

Good luck to them.

We just learnt today, that our Junior ROAMer (Red's padawan) Mr. 'ROAMeo' AC dislocated his right elbow at Shah Alam bike park. Not a good month for ROAM as 2 Fathers and 1 Junior already down.

Makes us wanna go further, faster and higher.

Anyway stay tuned for more updates on Jakarta Oakley.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

KLD 2008 post event

Hola everyone who made KLD possible...

Uncle Bully is back here in town......I just learned today I fractured my 6th and 7th left ribs due to last saturday 18 Oct crash. Cedric just called me up just now at 1315 saying that it is not critical and I just need to get much rest and grow fat (hahahaha) One Ring Service please!!!!!! (inside joke)

I am sure everyone had a good time with CG, Peaty and Seb around. Oakley made the event more enjoyable and I had a really good time. Peaty left on Tuesday morning (21 Oct). CG hahahaha, he doesnt wanna go back. I told him to move here and make KL as his base.

The three of them wanna come back again. When? hmmm.... its a secret.....

Okay now its time for thank you....

On behalf of KSH Cycles, Time Trading, R.O.A.M, Quick Release Adventures and Oakley:

We would like to extend our gratitude, appreciation and a BIG THANK YOU to all participants, race teams, spectators, mechanics, family members of riders and to all our friends, sponsors and event partners.

A big shoutout to:

Malaysian Ministry of Sports & Youth
National Sports Complex

List of Sponsors:
Cool Rhino
Sticker Station

The Star
Utusan Malaysia
TV3 Remaja program
Cycling magazine (Indonesia)
Action Asia (Singapore)
Street magazine (Thailand)

For results please click HERE courtesy of Quick Release Adventures

Will post some pics soon in:
R.O.A.M Gallery & Video
and here off course.

Hopefully with a successful event like this, it will be an eye opener to all future sponsors and therefore KLD will proceed as an annual event.

Anyway, stay tuned with this blog for more updates.

Goodbye KLD 2008 and Hello KLD 2009

Friday, October 17, 2008

ROAM dines with Steve Peat and Cedric Gracia

Head Honcho Uncle Bully with Steve Peat having some din din recently

Cedric taking pictures with... what else... iPhone!!! They all had iphones!!! Note to self... get an iPhone... Hey, i already got one! hehehe...

as usual, i cant keep a straight face!! CG as usual... And yes... he IS like that!!! Just accept it!!!

Up close and personal! Uknow who, me and u know who!!!

Sebastian! Keeping it real at Petronas Twin Towers!!!

Stay tuned, more to come!!!

Thanks to TIME Trading, the host for the dinner.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

R.O.A.M is 1 year old......


Today, 7 Oct 2008, is the anniversary of Riders On A Mission (R.O.A.M) Malaysia.

We start with FOUR and then We Grow MORE.

We have raced, rode, roamed, battered, cheered, jeered and the most important thing of all, we have tonnes of fun throughout 2007 & 2008 calendar.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all our family, friends, Sponsors, Marketing Partners, Race Teams of fellow ROAMers and Fellow Riders who have supported ROAM throughout 2007 & 2008.

A big thanks to:
KSH Cycles
Time Trading Services
Yeti Cycles
Intense Cycles
Sticker Station

We would not stand tall without you all.

As the Head Honcho of R.O.A.M Malaysia, we would like to continue another 100 years and more.

We will scout, search, train, develop and produce more young blood to carry our passion.

A simple quote:
" To the men and women of mountain biking, keep on riding so others may ride"

Keep the wheels rollin'

Monday, October 6, 2008

Ramadhan ROAM 2


eventhough ramadhan is fasting month but it will not deterred ROAMers to nite lah...and at Shah Alam Extreme Park.

For pics please click here

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fast Lee new rig...courtesy of Time Trading Services and Commencal


Just to share great news.....our Elite Specialist will be riding new 2009 Commencal VIP Supremme....

For pics & more info on specs:

Please click here

Thank you Time Trading Services and Commencal