Friday, February 26, 2010

Adibald is ROAM Racing Division | Dirtworks

Mr. Pakai Saja Apa Yang Ada or better known as AdiBald is now the official Dirtworks Indonesia team rider. He'll be riding and racing for Dirtworks for 2010 season along with UB and AC. Join us to congratulate him on the sweet deal. So Adibald, its time to put more hours in training and gettin good results. Congrats yeah. Thanks to Kiki of Dirtworks for his support towards ROAM.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

5th BCDC, is it gonna be a 'Wet & Wild Race'?

Is BC gonna look like this?. Perhaps with the daily heavy downpour in the evening, it could be. Get yer' spikes out, Wetscream, K.O.T, Black Turtle, Muddy Mary, Don't let it rot in the closet. Imagine 100-150 riders riding it, torture it, braking or skidding, kissing the earth, the last man down gonna descend in the worst condition. He will be hailed as King of BC.The new rock section will be the most popular place for spectators. Its rocky, sharp edge, loose and slippery. Just hold on to the bars mate....!

Monday, February 15, 2010

2010 SEBEX 2 'valentine' DH race

14th Feb 2010, was my first so called DH race on a 1 min track.. The track were built some 3 weeks ago so the soil are still soft and it kept raining almost everyday, even the day before and race day itself. Read More

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pak Aim clenched 1 Gold, 3 Silver in SUTERA 2010 (5-7 February 2010)

Our raging junior ROAMer, Pak Aim showed his prowess in cycling discipline at Sukan Trengganu, 5-7 February 2010 by clinching :
1 Gold medal for Men DH event
1 Silver medal for Road Criterium
1 Silver medal for Road Team event
1 Silver medal for Cross Country event
Fresh from his battle at Mt. Austin DH Challenge 2010, he battled his way to Trengganu representing MSN Pahang for 4 cycling event. It is very rare to have a cyclist competing in 3 major cycling discipline (MTB DH & XC and Road). He is on hi-speed mode now.
ROAMers are so very proud of his victory and results.

ROAMers appeared in Cyclingnews Asia

3 of our ROAMers appeared in the Aim, AC (aaron chan) and AA (ameer azhar) - All names start with "A's" appeared. Click here to view.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Final Installment of Bukit Cermin Downhill Challenge and the 2nd event for 2010 MDHSS

#2 MDHA - MTB DH Super Series
7 March 2010
#5th Bukit Cermin Downhill Challenge 2010
Bukit Cermin, Putra Heights, Selangor
Contact person :
Entry form is available, please click here
I'm proud to announce that Mount Austin DH Challenge 2010 was a very successful event for this year and we are hoping for more in years to come. JB fever is gone, now do welcome 5th BCDC for 2010. It is the 2nd event under MDHSS and yet it is confirmed it will be the final installment for BCDC as the land will be developed by the land owner. Don't miss the chance to ride and race there as it will be soon gone with the wind. The BC Riders clan are preparing the event as we speak.

The ROAMers are gunning for BCDC. Getting a good results and collecting higher points is our new target.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Mt. Austin Downhill Challenge 31st Jan 2010 - Race Report by AC

The writer with his rig (setup for JB)
I was looking forward indeed to this race. It would be the first race of the season and the first race after fracturing my hand. Getting back onto the saddle after almost 3 months made me realize how much I missed the dirt, rocks and roots that made downhill.READ MORE

Friday, February 5, 2010

GoPro is ready to snipe Indonesia

My set is ready - this is how you keep and carry the valuable camera set (not in a plastic bag!!!)
complete set with 2 pairs of NiMh 1100 rechargeable batteries (the manufacturer warned - do not use alkaline batteries). Secured, durable, shockproof, waterproof, airtight
now i only need the chest strap - with me is head strap la....

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hah, Go! - Mount Austin DH Challenge 2010

A teaser of JB event pics: (left to right)
Pic 1: Adibald of RRD bottom out at the gnarly rock drop section.
Pic 2: Allen Woo of Fakawi Banshee
tasting the rocks.
Pic 3: UB-HH doing what he do best beside emceeing (Bully Porter).
Pic 4: Pak Aim
preps for rock garden

Thx to FakawiTribe for the pics. More pics to come.