Monday, May 31, 2010

#2 UKDI - Klemuk Batu, Malang, East Java, Indonesia

Master Yamm qualified 1st for Men DH Master C on Saturday. But in final run on Sunday, due to slippery track and twice washed out, he finished 6th.
But our Master Yamm is still gunning for that track that cost him dearly in 2009 where he had 2 nasty crashes during seeding and final run. Next year and next time yeah Master Yamm, u'll get it the championship.

We will wait for his race report. He'll back tomorrow (tuesday May 1, 2010).

Next race for UKDI will be in Bali 18 July 2010. But the ROAMers are competing in Phuket 1st on July 4th.

Banshee Kiara DH Rage will be on 24-25 July 2010. So July is a busy month.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

OZ Race report - ELDE

I was over whelmed off seeing the track for the first time. My first reaction was WOW!

Walked the track few times, then got riding with a couple (a lot hehehe ) of run just to get the feel for the track. Afternoon came around saw few riders getting in to it, I was nervous just looking and studying their lines. Their gates were fast. When it got to

practice with other riders I was nervous/excited coz I wanted to see where I stand in fitness/performance wise.

2nd day until qualifying day was like morning session and afternoon session. Practice summary:- I cleared most of the basic jumps. The more technical jumps I had to get some guidance from local riders.

Jumping to Qualifying day (Friday 14th May) 9am...I was 6th person to go according to race numbers. Over all my run was ok. Didn’t expert a fast time, but I qualified 15th out of 20 riders (that advance to racing) with the time of 59.8sec.

Race day…I was in moto no.3 to start, managed to do 3heats then I got knocked. Racing was full of pushing and shoving but. In the end I ended in 10th B mens.

Saturday evening was Dual Slalom, with a simple track with was fun…u just had to pedal every you could. Got 7th in B Mens. - ELDE

Monday, May 17, 2010

RedRide and UB - New Kali Protectives Riders

Good news to share,
RedRide and UB are the new Kali Protective riders. A big thank you to and Kali principal for the support they have extended to RedRide and UB.

They have just received the new Avatar DH Helmet and by far both of them really enjoy wearing it and also racing it soon.
The fullface and other Kali Protectives product are also available at:
Hah-Go and

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Urban Downpark, Central Park, Slipi

From left :Amad (Bossman), Septian, Afrizal & Kamra
** pics taken from Berry Setia Wijaya's facebook page

fast fact :
  1. scheduled 3pm-9pm
  2. 160 riders
  3. seeding & final same day - event started at 4pm
  4. only 10 transponder unit
  5. seeding finished at 10pm
  6. top 20 open category 'faster' than all elite - silly mistake
  7. all light were out at 1030pm
  8. final............. cancelled
Last night was the worst event most of us ever competed in. For rp150 000 fee we expected to have fun on the no-elevation-3 climbs course. But for some reason and non smooth operation, the seeding results were used as final result.

I competed in elite with 5 others. And after taking the seeding result I placed last with 1min18sec, winner is Kamra with 50 secs!! bloody fast on a full DH bike.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Elde is competing in Red Ass 4X & Dual Slalom, Mt. Stromlo, Australia

Latest update from Mt. Stromlo:
Elde SharkawiMay 14, 2010 at 12:04pm
Re: ROAMing in Canbbera
So far so good..cleared everything da.( dino shit i double it) Later doing my time run...n practice more on the gate start.

Our 4X specialist is in Mt. Stromlo, Australia now practicing for Red Ass 4X event. He is accompanied by his wife cum coach, personal assistant and manager. The event will on this coming weekend 15-16 May 2010. Elde will compete in Mens B category. Wish him luck and godspeed ROAMer. For more info of the event, please click here

Update from Elde:

Elde SharkawiMay 12, 2010 at 6:56am
Subject: ROAMing in Canbbera
it's 6pm ishhh here, just finished getting the feel and runs of the 4X track. No pics yet mayb tomoro get some. Weather? cloudy/sunny but chilly at the same time hehehe...hope it doesn't rain on race day/nite...just got 1 pair of tires huhu...

Track: is almost 1min run, havent done my actual timing yet, Red: dino shit r huge but smooth, not like mann's version hehehe...jumps r between 5 to 25footers.

Tomoro some more practice! Practice! Practice! huhu...evening go touring around with wifey.

sat is race day ( Mens B, smthing like expert) mayb race under flood lights yet TBC. Seen one Mens A (elite) guy do his starts n run, damn power n fakin fast...but hey he mayb rides here every day rite hehehe. Mens B riders r quick too...The nerv's r in my gut hehehe...but think its a good sign haha... just need to tame the track from tomoro onwards.

Redbull Downtown Lisboa 2010 - Won by local amateur

(click the pic on the right to read more)
Looks like Peaty has given the throne of Lisboa to Paulo Domingues, 30 years old amateur. “I still can not believe that I beat the best athletes of the World, I’m still incredulous! I actually came here to fight for the title of the best Portuguese rider and leave the place by the big door, it seems like a dream. I feel so happy, because I am an amateur and they are professional”. Amarelo (Team Biciplus Sportcity/CM Sesimbra), as is known in the middle of mountain biking, completed the thousand meters of the track in 1:46.122 minutes. The podium was completed, respectively, with the Slovak Filip Polka (MS Evil Racing) and South African Greg Minnaar (Santa Cruz Syndicate).
UB's advise, pursue your dreams. Plan and set your goals so you can be among the few.