Friday, January 21, 2011

Kiara New Section - "Bad Idea" for Round 4 of 2011 MDHSS

Photos of track will be put up later!
ROAM builders have been busy working on the new section for Round 4 of 2011 MDHSS @ Bukit Kiara. The race date will be on 24th July 2011 and there are rumors that the event it will be named A.M.O.K (Absolute Madness of Kiara). The new section is called "Bad Idea" as it is really a bad idea due to the gnarly exit and the speed gained.

We began working on it since early Jan 2011. With the help of fellow riders like Tareh, Yu Bing, Munawar, Ariff Geja and Denys Commie, we managed to 80% completed it. We will add in gap jumps on it to make it more interesting. Our advise is that please don't ride it yet as it still fresh and let the soil sink in and packed up first. We also monitoring the water flows of the area for lesser maintenance in the future.

Sections of Slippery Seniorita, Screaming Banshee, Off Camber and Scary Shit will be widened for safety reason. For Screaming Banshee and Scary Shit, we will create an alternate safer line to accommodate other riders skill level. For Elite and Expert category, your race line will be tougher and gnarlier to push you limits.

The rest of the race track after Scary Shit wont be changed much and just need little maintenance to do. The trail work will be completed by mid or end February, so if you got the chance to ride @ Kiara, do come and try it. We are sure that you gonna love it, hate it or conquer it. Please wear proper and adequate protective clothing when you ride there.

C ya!