Tuesday, July 26, 2011

ROAM dissolution!

After a quite handful of journey, we have decided to close our doors and move on with our life.

As the ROAM Shacho, we are saying goodbye to all our friends and sponsors for supporting us all this while and believed in our quest to make downhill a better and known sports.

For nearly 3 years we have ventured our life into DH racing and grooming young riders. Life commitment always get in our way, therefore we have decided to shut down ROAM forever.

ROAM is dead, Long Live ROAM!!!!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Banshee AMOK 24 July 2001

The 4th installment of Malaysian Downhill Super Series is approaching with rage and honor. Bukit Kiara will host again this amazing event with different track offering from the other series. Rocks, roots, ruts, berms, drops and jumps awaiting the downhillers arrival to the race course.

ROAM is proud and honor to jointly organized this event with MyGravityRiders, FakawiTribe and TrailRiderMad. Confirmed participation from Indo, Australia, Singapores and not to forget the local superheroes and weekend warriors. The event is supported by Jabatan Landskap Negara and sponsored by Banshee, Shimano, Kali Protectives, MacMahone, ElementDH, Deity, Shimano and GoPro

For more info, please visit Banshee AMOK and 2011 MDHSS website.

C u there!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

UB | Shacho is retiring from racing DH!

After 10 years active in the sport competitively and busy in organizing events, I'm retiring from competing in any DH races. I'll be focusing on building downhill and fun track in Kiara and perhaps other places as well.

My kind of riding is more towards having fun with no stress of training or practicing for races. I'll be ripping DH courses all over Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

Thank you to all my personal sponsors - Dirtworks Hardwear, Kali Protectives and Sticker Station. Thank you for the support you have extended to me. Thank you to all ROAMers for supporting me and the ROAM ForeFathers for being there for me. Thank you to all my friends all over the world.

I'll still be kicking people's ass in the track, hahahahaha!!!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Garden Gap is Alive!!!

Sacho & I plus some mates (Cougar Lee, Nas, Kennex and Ray) completed the resurrection of the Old Garden Gap. Its now Bigger and better! ;-) Thanks a lot for the helping hand!

The Roll in...


"Hmmm... "

The other side

The joy of building a trail u want...

Its a hip jump..... view it, study it and then do it....

Thursday, April 7, 2011

reminder of PCP DH 2010 fun!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Next Battle - 2011 Putrajaya DH Challenge #2 MDHSS

Click on the pic to visit event website
Round 2 of MDHSS is coming in HOT. Us ROAMers are taking a breather for a short while before continuing with the 2nd battle for 2011. RedRide and UB are recuperating from their injury while others are getting ready for the event.

Will Master Yamm able to claim Master B championship? Will Aim dominate this event? Will AC and Munawar getting better results? Will Ameer and Sloan able to challenge them? Is Bossman able to compete with RRD boys? Will RedRide and UB recover soon enough to compete and claim the podium?

So many questions raised, yet the answers will be known after the final run on 30th April 2011. Stay tuned.

Please pray for the speedy recovery of RedRide, UB, Roslee 951, Wan Panjang, Yazid Zidane and racers who fell in the Battle of Tokun. (God speed on them)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

ROAMers down and helluva race!

The 2011 Tokun Rockstar DH Challenge took a toll on UB - Sacho and RedRide. Both of us got busted left knee. I got it first during practice and Red got it during final run. Master Yamm took 5th even with a puncture. Pok Aing suffered same fate as Master Yamm took 4th in Men Elite. Meanwhile our young gunner AC, finish 3rd in Men Expert cat. Our Hot Guy (Munawar), managed to secure 5th in Men Expert category.

ROAM friend and teammates in FakawiBanshee - Adam, he took the championship in Men Elite but loss a mere 3 seconds to Agung (17 year old kid from Polygon Factory Team - Indonesia) that denied him from claiming the overall champion of the event.

The ROAMers are preparing for the 2nd battle of MDHSS that will be on 30 April, hopefully Red and I will recover and able to compete in this race.

Cheers. Photos of Tokun event will come out soon.

You can see the video by the FakawiBansheeTeam here!

You can view the race photos here (courtesy of FakawiTribe)

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Beginning....

Next week will be the opening race for 2011 Malaysian Downhill Super Series better known as MDHSS. From professional to hobbyist racers from all over Malaysia will be migrating north of Malaysian peninsular to compete in the battle of Tokun. Joining the event also racers from neighboring countries such as Singapore and Indonesian perhaps Thais as well. Tokun Rockstar MTB Challenge 2011 will be held on Apr 2-3 with XC uphill road race on Saturday and the main event (Downhill) will on Sunday.

This year MDHSS race categories have been inserted with 3 new category. Men Master B (40 years & above), Women Open and Men Hardtail. 6 events have been confirmed for 2011 MDHSS. We will go to each event and supporting the 2nd year of MDHSS. For ROAM, two new ROAMers - Nine and Munawar, they are really looking forward to compete to start a new chapter racing under ROAM colors.

See you there!!!!

Head Honcho now is Sacho. He is back!

rider: UB | Sacho
Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur
track: A.M.O.K race track
day: sunday ( i forgot)
lensman: elde

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

RedRide is 2nd but hungry for more!

pic courtesy of DirtTraction
Finished 2nd in Petaling Jaya DH Challenge March 20, 2011 really got RedRide spirit high. He lost by a mere 1 second to FlyFin in the final run. Gunning for podium in Expert category for Malaysian DH Super Series starting this April, RedRide is back in the scene with a heavy luggage of experience to take down the expert riders favorites for 2011. 2011 will be his last Expert category race in MDHSS as he said that his chronological and psychological age is catching up.

His team mate Adam Ahmed, rode to victory in the Men Open final run beating Selangor's top gunners Fareez and Sharilhaizat. AC and new ROAMer Munawar finished 6th & 4th in Men under 21. Last year MDHSS Men Junior overall champion, Low Yee Pin settled with 5th place finishing.

Our specialist in Master B - Master Yamm, confirmed the voice of riders to claim the Master B championship. Riding his new 2011 Intense M9, he rode flawlessly but crashed in the last hip jump. Even with the crash, his time was ahead of his fellow competitors by 19 seconds.

ROAM will like to thank:
FakawiBikes | Banshee
KSH Cycles | Oakley | Intense
Dirtworks MTB clothing
Greasebikes | ZTR
Bike Labz | X-Fusion
Unsprung | Deity
TRM - Kali Protectives
Funsportz | GoPro

Reported by UB | Sacho

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pok Aing is FakawiBanshee & ARUS TRM now!

Yes, good news indeed. Our very own DH interceptor and XC Fighter, Pok Aing has joined FakawiBanshee Team and will be riding Banshee bike for DH in 2011 race season. He also joined ARUS TRM XC Team and will be riding Polygon Bikes with Kali Protective helmets. Congrats Pok Aing.....

A big thank you to:
FakawiBanshee - Fakawi Chief & RedRide.
ARUS TRM - Nas and Ahmad Kali.

Good news indeed!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another riding session

Had an awesome riding session yesterday at cilegon (where else) despite some minor technical failures.. MAHAKA team brought their best rigs and riders..

Had a run on the Mondraker, didnt quite like it though. Its very stable, paddles really well but handling is a bit unfriendly for the slower techy stuff, and it just didnt want to lean (like the legend that is). Well here are some riding shots :

1) me taking off on the SUMMUM ..... 2) on my own bike at last corner

3) Isro half way to tabling the 951 ..... 4) Daniel dropping on the SUMMUM

Sadly a rider broke his back ribs and fractured his back bone on his 1st ride down (Anka, red M9), speed recovery buddy.

Next week we are planning to ride in Bandung - cikole, jayagiri and few other trails I've never tried. Hope to have more pictures

shots by ARI ARIAWAN - 1st guy from the right, black shirt & shorts (he himself hit a tree at the same spot where Anka crashed, so he wasnt fit to ride and just take photos)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Kiara New Section - "Bad Idea" for Round 4 of 2011 MDHSS

Photos of track will be put up later!
ROAM builders have been busy working on the new section for Round 4 of 2011 MDHSS @ Bukit Kiara. The race date will be on 24th July 2011 and there are rumors that the event it will be named A.M.O.K (Absolute Madness of Kiara). The new section is called "Bad Idea" as it is really a bad idea due to the gnarly exit and the speed gained.

We began working on it since early Jan 2011. With the help of fellow riders like Tareh, Yu Bing, Munawar, Ariff Geja and Denys Commie, we managed to 80% completed it. We will add in gap jumps on it to make it more interesting. Our advise is that please don't ride it yet as it still fresh and let the soil sink in and packed up first. We also monitoring the water flows of the area for lesser maintenance in the future.

Sections of Slippery Seniorita, Screaming Banshee, Off Camber and Scary Shit will be widened for safety reason. For Screaming Banshee and Scary Shit, we will create an alternate safer line to accommodate other riders skill level. For Elite and Expert category, your race line will be tougher and gnarlier to push you limits.

The rest of the race track after Scary Shit wont be changed much and just need little maintenance to do. The trail work will be completed by mid or end February, so if you got the chance to ride @ Kiara, do come and try it. We are sure that you gonna love it, hate it or conquer it. Please wear proper and adequate protective clothing when you ride there.

C ya!