Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Head Honcho's - Rebel Yell & Rebel Gal

Rebel Yell (White) & Rebel Gal (Red)
These two are Head Honcho latest downhill bike and AM hardtail. Thanks to all ROAMers for their contribution in parts and components. This story is all about the newly assembled Rebel Yell. It took me just 1 week to get accustomed to bike behavior. The handling is super nice. The flat bars up front improved my cornering plus keeping it low in the front. Weight is 19.5kg due to some heavy duty parts. Some of the parts as you will view it later at the bottom, its all aged and outdated. But if its still do the job accordingly, don't change it. (Old saying, if it ain't broken, don't fix it).

The 2007 Boxxer World Cup does it job perfectly, i'm coming from an old 2005 Boxxer Race (Klang River Boxxer-my fellow ROAMers called it-hehehehe). The rear travel felt bottomless during big drops and gnarly spot. Long wheelbase improved traction and stability during rough spot action and in high speed condition. The long top tube give more space and tight cockpit is not my cup of tea.

I called this bike Mario (super mario bros) as it needs to pop in rough section. For me, its not build to be a Pacman. But popping around is fun, lets you know that you are having fun.

Make: Transition
Model: 2008 Blindside
Fork: 2006 RS Boxxer World Cup
Rear Shock: 2008 Fox DHX 5.0
Headset: Element
Handlebar: Element Nickel Wide 30"
Stem: Blk Mrkt
Brakes: 2006 Hope M4
Rotors: 2006 Hope (Front 200mm, Rear 160mm)
Grips: Deity
Shifter: Shimano XT '08
BB: Shimano XT '10
Crank: Shimano Saint 06
Pedals: Deity
Wheels: 2001 Mavic 521
Hubs: Front - MVR Racing 20mm thru axle, Rear - Hope Pro II 135mm
QR: A2Z Titanium
Tires: Maxxis Minion DHF 2.5 (front) Maxxis Minion DHR 2.5 (rear)
Seatpost: Cap Ayam
Seatclamp: KCNC
Saddle: THE
Chain guide: MRP
Chainring: 2007 RaceFace 38tt
Rear mech: 2006 Shimano 105
Cassette: Shimano Tiagra
This will be my race rig for now. Changing to another bike, not very soon. A big thanks (merci, danke, grazie, gracias, terima kasih, domo arigato) to my brothers RedRide, Swolf and Funn-Day for parts contribution.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Slight change of plan - my Supreme Racing

After a year riding it, eventually I feel something is funny about the bike and not as good anymore.. And honestly I hated the color.. so I decided to check the linkage and all bearings, mm and to get rid of the color too.

this bike has been ridden more than 100 runs in mud... logically its dying, something needs to be done.

Main pivot bearings are practically dead, cannot be moved by fingers at all. Linkage bearings are usable but need replacement too. BB's are rough and will be replaced last (the whole BB, probably HOPE). Headset is okay, just topped up the grease and filled the dirty bearing balls.

So, no riding on this bike for the next 2 weeks.. these bearings and some parts need replacement, the best solution is the machining shop.

Guys, I'll be joining any riding activities on my hardtail just for the sake of riding.. Owh yea supreme racing might have a new fork and rims - after the pain remover job, raw

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nine is a ROAMer

Nine of ArtDH is now a senior ROAMer. Thats him, the champ on the pic above. ROAM is honored to have him in our fraternity to showcase his talent and elevating his riding skills. Nine will be ripping DH track with his custom color Iron Horse Sunday and scraping the earth of PCP and Shah Alam Extreme Park with his Scott HT. Welcome aboard Nine.... "When in ROAM, do what the ROAMers do". Nine please claim your Men Sport title in MDHSS.

Monday, November 8, 2010

HH Personal Butler

the race to become HH personal butler... good luck!!!

the head servant in a household who is usually in charge of food service, the care of silverware, and the deportment of the other servants.