Sunday, November 14, 2010

Slight change of plan - my Supreme Racing

After a year riding it, eventually I feel something is funny about the bike and not as good anymore.. And honestly I hated the color.. so I decided to check the linkage and all bearings, mm and to get rid of the color too.

this bike has been ridden more than 100 runs in mud... logically its dying, something needs to be done.

Main pivot bearings are practically dead, cannot be moved by fingers at all. Linkage bearings are usable but need replacement too. BB's are rough and will be replaced last (the whole BB, probably HOPE). Headset is okay, just topped up the grease and filled the dirty bearing balls.

So, no riding on this bike for the next 2 weeks.. these bearings and some parts need replacement, the best solution is the machining shop.

Guys, I'll be joining any riding activities on my hardtail just for the sake of riding.. Owh yea supreme racing might have a new fork and rims - after the pain remover job, raw

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Uncle Bully said...

refurbish and recondition izit..?