Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Garden Gap is Alive!!!

Sacho & I plus some mates (Cougar Lee, Nas, Kennex and Ray) completed the resurrection of the Old Garden Gap. Its now Bigger and better! ;-) Thanks a lot for the helping hand!

The Roll in...


"Hmmm... "

The other side

The joy of building a trail u want...

Its a hip jump..... view it, study it and then do it....

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Next Battle - 2011 Putrajaya DH Challenge #2 MDHSS

Click on the pic to visit event website
Round 2 of MDHSS is coming in HOT. Us ROAMers are taking a breather for a short while before continuing with the 2nd battle for 2011. RedRide and UB are recuperating from their injury while others are getting ready for the event.

Will Master Yamm able to claim Master B championship? Will Aim dominate this event? Will AC and Munawar getting better results? Will Ameer and Sloan able to challenge them? Is Bossman able to compete with RRD boys? Will RedRide and UB recover soon enough to compete and claim the podium?

So many questions raised, yet the answers will be known after the final run on 30th April 2011. Stay tuned.

Please pray for the speedy recovery of RedRide, UB, Roslee 951, Wan Panjang, Yazid Zidane and racers who fell in the Battle of Tokun. (God speed on them)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

ROAMers down and helluva race!

The 2011 Tokun Rockstar DH Challenge took a toll on UB - Sacho and RedRide. Both of us got busted left knee. I got it first during practice and Red got it during final run. Master Yamm took 5th even with a puncture. Pok Aing suffered same fate as Master Yamm took 4th in Men Elite. Meanwhile our young gunner AC, finish 3rd in Men Expert cat. Our Hot Guy (Munawar), managed to secure 5th in Men Expert category.

ROAM friend and teammates in FakawiBanshee - Adam, he took the championship in Men Elite but loss a mere 3 seconds to Agung (17 year old kid from Polygon Factory Team - Indonesia) that denied him from claiming the overall champion of the event.

The ROAMers are preparing for the 2nd battle of MDHSS that will be on 30 April, hopefully Red and I will recover and able to compete in this race.

Cheers. Photos of Tokun event will come out soon.

You can see the video by the FakawiBansheeTeam here!

You can view the race photos here (courtesy of FakawiTribe)