Thursday, November 19, 2009

ITS ON! - Penang International DH Race 2009 (20 Dec 2009)

The Event is On Ladies & Gentleman

Well, its On. Mark your calendars! 20th December 2009!
more details... click here Or visit PGDH Blog

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The ROAMers at large

here we go guys..... we got 19 ROAMers till today....
we have grown bigger and better for the past 2 years hehehehehehehe... tq God and to all our friends...we need to recruit girls in 2010-2013.... know any good girls for DH?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Ramesh is the new ForeFather

I the Head Honcho of ROAM would like to announce that Ramesh is the new ROAM ForeFather joining Funn-day into the circle. He has been invited and accepted the post of ROAM ForeFathers. Everyone please extend your congratulations towards Ramesh or Swolf.

ROAM Fathers has agreed to induct him in even though he is new to our fraternity but he is our ROAM Southern HeadMan. Therefore with his passion in MTB and the directions that he has it will be an advantage for us. Lets make Johor & Melaka our roaming homeground too. Our foundation and based in Malaysia are strong already.

Here in the race poster for Johor Bharu event.

For more info of the event, please visit Johor Bharu Downhiller - JBDH blog by clicking here

Monday, November 9, 2009

Aim is 3rd Men Junior - ACC 2009

Pic courtesy of DirtTraction
I'm proud to announce our young ROAMer, Pak Aim (1st from right) finished 3rd in Men Junior DH in ACC last saturday.
He won the lottery of RM600 from ROAM courtesy of Ramesh(Team Element) & ForeFather Yamm.
Jr. Stanley, competing in Men Elite finished 6th. Crashed in final run.
We all are proud of the good results and we hope he and stan will get better results in SEA Games 2009 at Laos.

Pak Aim & Stanley will represent Malaysia for DH in Sea Games 2009
For the ACC, Jr. Stanley would like to thank:
Banshee Bikes

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sepang 4X Race 1 November 2009

Reported by Elde the Champ.
It's finally happened, Malaysia 1st 4X race being held at Sepang Motocross track. Organized by
Tujuh Impian Entertaiment Sdn Bhd.
results: Elde - 1st, zamir - 2nd, Sloan - 3rd and other dude 4th

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Friday, November 6, 2009

New ForeFather of ROAM


Funn-Day is our new ROAM ForeFather. He is the new ROAM Borneo HeadMan. He will be heading Sabah & Sarawak chapter. So Borneo, is our new homeground.
ROAM FourFathers name changed to ROAM ForeFathers.
"When in ROAM, do what the ROAMers do"

Please congratulate him on the new post.