Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bike Wash Ettiquette

After the last KDD race, apparently we did not use the bike wash area very well...

some points:

1) pls consider other users. Usually after race or ride, there will be a queue at the bike wash. please be courteous and not clean every inch of your bike. Clean it up just enough to get the bikes in the car and not every inch of the bike. However, if there is nobody, go ahead and do the necessary. - MAIN PURPOSE of the bike wash is for riders to just wash down the bike.

2) Pls check the silt trap and clean it if its full. This helps with the longevity of the facility.

We all learn something new everyday! Hope this helps as a heads up to all.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Its near!

First and foremost, we would like to thank to all ROAMers individual sponsors and partners for KDD#5:
Banshee Bikes
Yeti Cycles
Oakley Malaysia
KSH Cycles
Fakawi Tribe
Dirtworks clothing

Folker clothing
Sticker Station

Below is our story of KDD 5.

Pics courtesy of Fakawi Tribe:

Master Cat winners (Fr left: Red, Craig & Farrandy)

All Cat winners (fr left: Hong Chun, Bandi, Red, Aim, Hairi)

Red with his Weapon of Mass Destruction


Red managed to slide his way to victory..(when i said slide, coz the track muddy and slippery hahahaha....tq wet scream) nicely done father. With his victory, it marked his complete recovery from his injury 2 months earlier.

Yamm, great effort. But he crashed 3 times in the final. Furthermore, during seeding run he injured his left shoulder but still pushing it to the end.

Pic from Zulkhas

AC, his final run was nearly perfect due to he crashed at the end bit after the infamous dirt drop. Going out too fast from the drop and his rear end slips, he tried to counter it but was sent sliding on the dirt... only few feet from the finish line. Next time AC.

FA, did not race due to his injury from Ciwalk Bandung urban race earlier. Get well soon senior.

UB - of course, chill out and as usual talking craps to the people. Gonna start riding and training soon.

A-Mud, bogged down with work in Jakarta. But he'll be back next week.

AJ, away for holiday with his familia.

We would like to say thank you and good job to FRM old and new for a wonderful season of KDD. We hope to see you again next year. Photos of the event will be uploaded soon.

Friends of ROAM's pics:


Haris of Dirt Devil

Lano of Powerstik Racing Team
All pics courtesy of Zulkhas

So now with the completion of KDD5, we the ROAMers officially will close our 2008 race calendar and now are preparing the 2009 battle.

Hmm, ROAM must have a New Year Eve party ey..........to celebrate the glory of 2008 and to embrace 2009.

What say you ROAMers???????????????

FreerideMalaysia's 5th and final Kiara Downhill Domination race for 2008 is here!
Be there!
14 December 2008
Taman Recreasi Bukit Kiara
Taman Tun Dr Ismail KL
more info on FreerideMalaysia.com.my

Well, the final race is here. Is everybody ready? new sections have been added. new fast and flowy sections to test the nerves of all participants. King of Kiara will be announced! I believe, FakawiBanshee's award for Junior of the year will also be announced!

This will be the last race of the year and lets all support the boys from FreerideMalaysia! Lets check out of 2008 on a high! See you there!!!

As usual, ROAM will be represented by:

Yamm - Master Cat
Fadzlee - Elite
Rizal - Open
Aaron - Junior

UB - out with injury but present as MC of the event!
Ameer - Away on holiday
Amad - N/A (indonesia)

Wish us all luck!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

MTB Urban Downhill Ciwalk 28 - 29 November 2008

The usual suspects went... and the usual suspects got left behind. Again.

Anyway, the ROAMers that went:
Yamm | Oakley KSHYeti
Fadzlee,| Oakley KSHCemmencal
Amad | Oakley KSHIntense

Things did not go too well for some of us and went very well for others... In short, Amad and Fadzlee did not make it into the finals and u will know why in a sec. Yamm won the Master B cat. while Zure finished 2nd in Master A.

Here's what Amad had to say:

"well, good weekend for me.

pushed off from jakarta friday at 5 after work... the traffic was super massive heavy... i ended up reaching bandung at 12midnight, yes thats 7 hours. besides, i took the long way round instead the straight forward highway... i friend from my office recommended and i will never trust him after this.

saturday woke up at 5 and was at the track as early as 6am (the sun is up high already in bandung), met scott, feri and marta.. had mcd for breakfast. then wtf the registration not opened yet until 8, the organizing guy told me to come early.... wasted 2 hours waiting, might as well sleep to recover..

walked the couse and realized that the downhill part is only 10% overall (3 sets of strairs and basement parking lot ramp), the rest is pedalling. so i told my m3 that its going to be a hard work.

come seeding, i was the very first rider off the starting ramp... crossed the finish line with a slight problem at the very last "U-turn" (better described than a switchback), maybe 2-3 secs slow.... and the marshall told me that my timing wasnt right for some communication problem with the starter, and told me to start again as the last rider............ that really cut off my race mood, 70 riders in open and i have to wait again.

okay did my 2nd seeding and hit the basement stairs rail... it was such a tight place to recover and to get back on the bike. oh well a race is a race.
timed 1.40... 23rd in seeding and did not make it to final.."

and Fadzlee:

"i crashd during training in the morning on saturday.. it was the crash of the day. zure was riding behind me, he saw everything, even yamm saw it! he was beside the table top ramp. i was going too fast (that's why we call him fastlee - ed) before the table top jump and was over the jump and crash head first, basically a front flip!.. i hurt my back and arm, but still managed to continue in the seeding run with all that pain.. seeding run wasnt good either, crashed at the stair and hit the rail pretty hard but managed to complete the run, 6th place. The night before the final, the pain got worse, i could not even straighten up my arm let alone hold any kind of weight!.. so no final for me .."

Yamm was not available for comment after the race! hehehehe... we know why!