Saturday, March 13, 2010

BCDC-The milliseconds battle

The month of March had been super hot with average of 37 degree celcius, but that don’t stop ROAMers and also riders from our region, inclusive Singapore to participate in this race. This will be the last race held in bukit cermin, putra height. Due to human greedy, the place will be chop off to build some expensive bungalow area. Good bye to our training ground. The track had been build nicely by BCriders where it consists of set of jumps, wall rides, drops, tabletops, berms, rock gardens and so forth. Well, the whole track is measured less than 1km but the obstacles are one after another that testing riders ability. Read More

Thursday, March 11, 2010

ROAMers appeared in Cyclingnews Asia - 5th BCDC 2010

2 of our ROAMers appeared in the Aim and AC (aaron chan). Click here to read more.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

We all preparing for 5th BCDC

Men Elite category:
FA 2nd, Pak Aim 4th and Adibald 8th
Men Expert category:
AC 5th, AA 6th, Red 8th, Sloan 12th, UB|HH 16th
Men Master category:
Master Yamm 56th and Aimee 42nd
Major leap for the juniors due to managed beating the FF, good work. Sloan got an equipment and mental boost with the new Trek Session 88. Tq Bang Hassan. UB is back with full racing mode. No more emcee job for good.

Tomorrow, 7 March 2010... us ROAMers will engage in the last BCDC event. Second installment for MDHSS, we all ready to get good results. Wish us luck....