Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rizal RedRide inked with Banshee Bikes


Yet again another good news is that our Senior R.O.A.Mers RedRide has inked with Banshee Bikes for 2008 race campaign.

All seniors now have sponsorship, good growth to the game and the sports.. cant wait to see his new DH rig... More and more sponsors are coming to our MTB scene. A very good sign indeed.

For more info on Banshee Bikes please click the logo below:

Excellent job Red and good luck....

'When in ROAM, do what the ROAMers do' quote by Red

3-4 May 2008 Red Durano International Road & MTB Championship, Danao-Philipines


Latest update from our R.O.A.M friend Mr. Fernando. This weekend they gonna have above event. We only got to know about it on 22 April 2008.

So any of you wanna go still got time.....

damn we missed 2 event in philipines already.... what to do......

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

FreerideMalaysia Kiara Domination Series Race 2


Updates from yesterday race, all Seniors and Junior managed to get good result. Pics courtesy of Fakawi Tribe

Fadz 'The Fast' Lee - Champ Mens DH Elite (defending champion)

A-Mud - Champ Mens DH Open

Master Yamm - 2nd Mens DH Master
Rizal - 3rd Mens DH Master
Uncle Bully - 5th Mens Master DH

Ameer - 9th Mens DH Open (congrats junior for 1st race)

an another thing, all Team KSH Cycles riders managed to podium including Hermann Boy 3rd Mens DH Elite

Please click HERE for photos

a big thanks to all our rider's sponsors:
KSH Cycles
Sticker Station

thanks to all our friends and also FreeRide Malaysia for organizing a good event.

the R.O.A.Mers are ready to engage in the battle of time supremacy in Kiara Downhill Domination #2....Uncle Bully, Master Yamm, Rizal RedRider and A-Mud accompanied by our very own JunioR.O.A.Mer Ameer racing under R.O.A.M Folker Racing.

but before that our Elite rider Fadz 'The Fast' Lee (Delmatic Racing Team - KSH Cycles is ready to engage our friendly rival from Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam and local young superheroes in Kenyir MTB Challenge this 26 April.....

soon he will join the R.O.A.Mers in his second battle to retain his King of Elite title from the 1st series.

Racing colors:
Uncle Bully - Team KSH Cycles / Dirtworks Racing
Master Yamm - Team KSH Cycles / Delmatic Racing
Rizal RedRider - SMI / Dirtworks Racing
A-Mud - Team KSH Cycles / Eiger Racing
Fadzlee - Team KSH Cycles / Delmatic Racing
Ameer - R.O.A.M / Folker Racing

Ok guys. the time has come!!! Question is... are u ready?

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Monday, April 21, 2008

The True Meaning of ROAM...

ROAM= to ride, walk, go, or travel without a fixed purpose or direction; ramble; wander; rove; to roam about the world.

There are questions like Why ROAM?, Why We ROAM?.... we have no answers. We only have our passion, photos, stories, experience and friends to share with you as we ROAM the world.

As per Red's quote" When In R.O.A.M, do what the R.O.A.Mers do!"

This weekend, we will be R.O.A.Ming Kiara again. ROAM with us, and do what we R.O.A.Mers do

Saturday, April 19, 2008

New ROAM logo for 2008


this is the new ROAM logo for 2008....

Bienvenue, Welcome to our new blog....

Hola, thank you for visiting our new blog site.....

it seems more appropriate to use a new blog address where we mentioned our country of origin..

Please keep on visiting our racing & ride blog for updates, events, photos, and get together....
You may still view our older post by clicking HERE

c ya on the trail