Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another riding session

Had an awesome riding session yesterday at cilegon (where else) despite some minor technical failures.. MAHAKA team brought their best rigs and riders..

Had a run on the Mondraker, didnt quite like it though. Its very stable, paddles really well but handling is a bit unfriendly for the slower techy stuff, and it just didnt want to lean (like the legend that is). Well here are some riding shots :

1) me taking off on the SUMMUM ..... 2) on my own bike at last corner

3) Isro half way to tabling the 951 ..... 4) Daniel dropping on the SUMMUM

Sadly a rider broke his back ribs and fractured his back bone on his 1st ride down (Anka, red M9), speed recovery buddy.

Next week we are planning to ride in Bandung - cikole, jayagiri and few other trails I've never tried. Hope to have more pictures

shots by ARI ARIAWAN - 1st guy from the right, black shirt & shorts (he himself hit a tree at the same spot where Anka crashed, so he wasnt fit to ride and just take photos)

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