Monday, December 13, 2010

New ROAMer recruitment for ROAM Racing Team!

Yes, Munawar or better known as Greg Munawar is the latest edition to ROAM Racing Team. ROAM selected him due to his commitment, focus, determination, hard work and we foresee his future development in DH. Munawar will be paired with Pok Aing in training and also racing activities. Pok Aing, you are not alone anymore. He is currently under ArtDH Racing Team and will be supported by ROAM. For 2011 season, Munawar will be racing for ArtDH - ROAM Racing Team. Munawar will report directly to Master Yamm (RRT Director).

Please give him a big welcome to ROAM and wish him all the best with us.
Long Live Downhill and ROAM!!!


Ronan said...

I am a downhiller in IReland, I noticed that you use a rfid timing system for downhill. Where could I find more information about your race boy system?

many thanks

redride said...

raceboy sia local company providing the timing services. i am not sure what system they use but its solid!