Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011 R.O.A.M Racing Campaign


As the Head Honcho of R.O.A.M, I am honored to announce the season opening for 2011 ROAM racing campaign. With new rider joining us late last year, we have grown stronger and ready to compete plus having FUN as well in 2011.

Under ROAM, we have 3 race teams competing:

ROAM Racing Team - Master Yamm (KSH Cycles), Pok Aing (MSN Pahang), Munawar (ArtDH)

ROAM Racing Division - Bossman, Sloan, Ameer, Elde

- UB, Nine (ArtDH) and Funn-Day

Other ROAMers race team:

FakawiBanshee - RedRide and AC

Team ElementDH JHB - Ramesh

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