Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Specialized Asia Pacific Downhill Challenge 2010


Popo champ the men elite event defeating Sam Hill and Shaun O' Connor. Congrats Popo.
Our boys Aim and Adam didn't managed to do well. Its ok, a learning experience....
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Again our Pok Aing (Aim - ROAM Racing Team) and Puck (Adam - FakawiBanshee) are the only Malaysian riders competing in the most coveted event of this year. RedRide just dropped them off at LCCT today.
Superstars of Specialized appearing with the likes of Sam Hill, Troy Brosnan, Thomas Vanderham, Shaun O'Connor and Brendan Fairclough will create chaos and pandemonium with their amazing athletic display. So we wait for the boys to come back and share their experience. RedRide left a powerful message to Pok Aing and Puck, if you come last - don't come home hehehehe!!!!

Good Luck boys.... give em' hell

- Check here again for links to live streaming on SUNDAY -

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